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The Lady Davis Institute (LDI) is the research arm of Montreal's Jewish General Hospital, a teaching hospital of McGill University.
Founded in 1969, the LDI is one of Canada's leading health research institutes. Important discoveries which have contributed to the health and well-being of patients in Quebec, Canada, and around the world, have been made by LDI researchers in the areas of HIV/AIDS, aging, cancer, vascular disease, epidemiology, and psychosocial science. There are currently more than 117 full-time researchers at the LDI, of whom 70 are primarily lab-based, 21 investigate psychosocial aspects of disease, 26 are in epidemiology. In addition, there are 124 associate investigators. 

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Men have a lot to learn about their own fertility
Men generally have limited awareness of those factors that may contribute to their infertility, according to a survey conducted by researchers at the Lady Davis Institute.


Research uncovers specific genetic factor responsible for serious under-diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in Inuit population
The discovery of a genetic variation unique to Inuit people raises concerns that diabetes may be significantly under-diagnosed in northern communities, putting more Inuit at risk for the serious complications that result when the disease goes untreated.


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