Former Lab Personnel

Post-doctoral trainees

2008-2009 Guillaume Voghel

            Currently a general practitioner, Hôpital Cité-de-la-Santé, Laval

Ph.D. students

2016  Tsz Wai (Josephine) Chu
         Currently a postdoctoral fellow at IRIC, Université de Montréal
2015   Johanna Mancini
          Currently a freelance writer/consultant at IMS Health
2013    Yasmin D’Souza
           Currently a clinical research assistant, RVH-MUHC

2012    May Shawi
           Currently a director in medical affairs, Janssen, New Jersey

2012    Marie Eve Brault
           Currently a PDF at Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School

2010    Johans Fakhoury
           Currently a senior research associate at McGill University

2007    Delphine Tamara Marie-Egyptienne
           Currently a High School Biology and Physics teacher, Conseil Scholaire Viamonde, Ontario

2006    Maria Antonietta Cerone
           Currently a Research Associate, UCL Cancer Institute, UK

2005    Tara Moriarty
           Currently an Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

2004    Sylvain Huard
           Currently a Research Associate, University of Ottawa

2002    François Bachand
           Currently an Associate Professor, Université de Sherbrooke

M.Sc. students
2013    Ricky Kwan
           Currently in Pharmacy/PhD program, University of Waterloo

2012    Sanjida Khondacker
           Currently in Pharmacy Program, University of Waterloo

2008    Graeme Nimmo
           Currently a medical resident in clinical and metabolic genetics, Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto

2005    Ryan Ward
           Currently a Medical Science Liaison, Boehringer Ingelheim, Canada

2000    Ibtissem Triki
           Currently a clinical research associate, Novo Nordisk


Research assistants


2008-2014 Catherine Lauzon

2005-2012 Shusen Zhu

2006-2007 Geneviève DiTomasso

2004-2006 Pooja Jain

2003-2004 Annie Dulude

2000-2002 Sophie Dupuis


Undergraduate students


2015-2016 Billy Zhao
2011 Elizabeth Pollen

2008-2009 Daniel Eklove 

2007 Trevor Wong

2004-2005 Christina Wehrle

2003-2004 Robyn Blom

1998-1999 Tara Moriarty


Support research at the Lady Davis Institute - Jewish General Hospital