About Dr. Basik

Dr Basik is a surgical scientist at the Lady Davis Institute and an assistant professor in the Departments of Surgery and Oncology at McGill University since 2003. He is the Medical Director of the Inter-disciplinary Breast Cancer Team at the Segal cancer Center at the Jewish General Hospital and leads the genomics and proteomics laboratory facilities at the Lady Davis Institute, which provide a service to the investigators as well as develop novel cutting-edge technology for application in biomarker discovery and validation.  Dr. Basik is part of the FRSQ Réseau de Cancer axe cancer du sein/ovaire, and as such actively participates in a province-wide breast tumor and plasma banking in breast cancer.  His primary interests are the investigation of gene expression and DNA changes in breast and colon cancer, discovery of tumor suppressor genes, mechanisms of resistance to herceptin, discovery and validation of tissue and plasma biomarkers of breast cancer metastasis and response to treatment.  Dr.Basik and his team are working in translational-cancer research which aims at bridging basic and clinical research for the benefit of cancer patients. 




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