The JGH CPC is located on the premises of the JGH Biomedical Complex. It is a 1000 ft2 clinical-grade, fully equipped, high sterility isolation facility.  Equipment in the JGH CPC include the following: one Maxcyte Electroporator connected to computer and printer, two Forma Bio-Safety Cabinets Class II A/B3, 4ft; two Thermo-Forma incubators Series II (CO2, Hepa), two Hund Binocular Microscopes (one inverted), one Beckman Ultracentrifuge, one Thermo-IEC table-top refrigerated Centrifuge, one Fischer Refrigerator/Freezer, one Fenwall Plasma Extractor, and various smaller equipment such as Fischer vortex, Sartorius Balance, Baxter Hematron, Pippettors, etc.
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