NanoString™ Gene Expression Profiling
The NanoString nCounter® Analysis System is a hybrid capture-based technology (Nat Biotechnol. 2008 Mar;26 (3):317-25) that allows for quantitative, highly multiplex gene expression analysis in minimal sample volumes without PCR artifacts. As little as 3000 cultured or FACS-sorted cells, or one 10 µm tissue section of a formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded tissue yields sufficient RNA for gene expression analysis. In addition to miRNA and mRNA profiling, copy number variation and karyotyping can be performed. The nanoString technology is now provided as a service at the Lady Davis Institute.
 A wide variety of predesigned codesets are available:
• Human v2 miRNA Assay (800 human and human-associated viral miRNAs)
• Mouse miRNA Assay (600 mouse and mouse-associated viral miRNAs)\
• Rat miRNA Assay (over 400 rat miRNAs)
• D. melanogaster miRNA (over 180 D. melanogaster miRNAs)
• Cancer copy number codeset (86 genes commonly amplified in cancer)
• Human Karyotyping Panel
• Leukemia Fusion gene expression
• Human Immunology Kit (over 500 immunology genes)
• Human Kinase Kit (over 500 kinases)
• Human Cancer Reference Kit (over 230 cancer-related human genes)
• Human Inflammation Kit (184 inflammation-related human genes)
• Mouse Inflammation Kit (179 inflammation-related mouse genes)
• Human Reference GX Kit (18 endogenous reference genes)
• Angiogenesis Gene Set (179 angiogenesis-associated genes)
• Apoptosis Gene Set (160 genes)
• Breast Cancer gene Set (196 genes)
• Cell Cycle Gene Set (183 genes)
• JAK-STAT Pathway Gene Set (86 genes)
• P53 Pathway Gene Set (102 genes)
• Stem Cell Gene Set (193 genes)
• Wnt Pathway Gene Set (96 genes)
• Mouse Cancer Gene Set (232 genes)
• Mouse Stem Cell Gene Set (188 genes)

For more detailed information regarding the genes included in each codeset visit:
In addition, custom codesets can be designed. The price for running a nanoString experiment depends on the type of code set that will be used and the number of samples to be analyzed.

Code Sets Price List
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