Small Animal Research Core
The mission of the Animal Resource Centre (ARC) is to facilitate the research of scientists at the Lady Davis Institute and Jewish General Hospital,
while ensuring the highest quality of care for the animals it houses. Professional animal care staff are dedicated to the health and well-being of
the research animals. They are a resource supporting the fundamental and clinical research undertaken at the LDI and JGH. The LDI-ARC operates
with a Good Animal Care Certificate from the Canadian Council on Animal Care.

LDI-ARC Goals:
• To promote exemplary animal care and well-being.
• To facilitate the research programs of our researchers, leading to better health care for animals and people.     
• To be knowledgeable, professional, helpful and open.
• To adhere to the highest ethical standards.

LDI-ARC Core Values:
• Respect for animals and people.
• Humane treatment and high-quality animal care to best serve the animals and research community.
• Collaboration with the McGill Animal Compliance Office and the Canadian Council on Animal Care is essential.

The LDI-ARC has three operational units: Administration, Animal Care and Services, and Technical Services. These units offer advice and support to
the LDI, JGH, McGill, and other academic and non-academic communities.
Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

General inquiries: 514-340-8260 ext. 5250
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