Former Lab Personnel

Research Associates

2012-18 Philippe Rousseau
               Currently Scientifique de Recherche, Charles River
Post-doctoral trainees

2008-09 Guillaume Voghel

               Currently a general practitioner, Hôpital Cité-de-la-Santé, Laval

Ph.D. students

2020 Deanna MacNeil
         Currently Assistant Science Editor, The Scientist
2016  Tsz Wai (Josephine) Chu
          Currently Senior consultant-Project Manager at IQVIA-Real World Solutions
2015   Johanna Mancini
           Currently Principal, Health Access & Outcomes, IQVIA
2013    Yasmin D’Souza
           Currently student in the McGill University Program for Genetic counselling

2012    May Shawi
           Currently a Global Medical Affairs Leader, Rheumatology Director, Janssen, NJ, USA

2012    Marie Eve Brault
            Currently Associate Director, Skyhawks Therapeutics, Boston, MA, USA

2010    Johans Fakhoury
            Currently Associate Director, Administration, School of Biomedical Sciences, McGill University

2007    Delphine Tamara Marie-Egyptienne
            Currently a High School Biology and Physics teacher, Conseil Scholaire Viamonde, Ontario

2006    Maria Antonietta Cerone
            Currently Research Programme Manager, Clinical Research & Precision Medicine R&I Cancer Research UK

2005    Tara Moriarty
            Currently an Associate Professor, University of Toronto

2004    Sylvain Huard
            Currently a Research Associate, University of Ottawa

2002    François Bachand
            Currently Professor, Université de Sherbrooke

M.Sc. students
2018    Costa Lauria
            Currently in the Canadian Armed Forces 
2018    Jeffrey Wang
            Currently medical student, McGill University 
2017    Hélène Bensoussan
             Currently MA Teaching and Learning (Non-Thesis) Program, McGill University 
2013    Ricky Kwan
            Currently Pharmacist at Forest Pharmacy, London, Ontario

2012    Sanjida Khondacker
            Currently Pharmacist at Lovell Drugs Limited, Toronto, Ontario

2008    Graeme Nimmo
            Currently Clinical Associate, University Health Network, Toronto

2005    Ryan Ward
            Currently Associate Director, Medical Lead, GI, Takeda Canada Inc.

2000    Ibtissem Triki
            Currently a clinical research associate, Novo Nordisk


Research assistants


2008-2014 Catherine Lauzon

2005-2012 Shusen Zhu

2006-2007 Geneviève DiTomasso

2004-2006 Pooja Jain

2003-2004 Annie Dulude

2000-2002 Sophie Dupuis


Undergraduate students


2022 Hannah Chui

2022 Matthias Jacquot

2021-2022 Dominique Rinfret

2020 Michelle Shen
2019-2020 Monique Morin
2018-2019 Erica Wu
2018 Hannah Zhang
2017 Danielle Zhang
2015-2016 Billy Zhao
2011 Elizabeth Pollen

2008-2009 Daniel Eklove 

2007 Trevor Wong

2004-2005 Christina Wehrle

2003-2004 Robyn Blom

1998-1999 Tara Moriarty

Support research at the Lady Davis Institute - Jewish General Hospital