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Dr. Carmen G. Loiselle, N., Ph.D.
Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Senior Researcher, Centre for Nursing Research, Jewish General Hospital
Co-Director, Segal Cancer Centre
Director, McGill University Psychosocial Oncology and Cancer Nursing Programs
Associate Professor, Ingram School of Nursing and Department of Oncology, McGill University
McGill Endowed Chair in Psychosocial Oncology/Christine and Herschel Victor/Hope and Cope
Dr. Carmen Loiselle holds a Ph.D. degree, double-major in Psychology and Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the U.S. She is professor and program director for psychosocial oncology and oncology nursing in the Department of Oncology and the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill University. Dr. Loiselle is twice the recipient of the Christine and Herschel Victor/Hope & Cope Research Chair in psychosocial oncology, Co-Director (Academic) of the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital in Montréal, and Scientific Director of Hope & Cope. Dr. Loiselle was the national Leader of a Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research called PORT (Psychosocial Oncology Research Training) - a 13-year CIHR-funded transdisciplinary training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from a variety of disciplines pursuing research in cancer survivorship at six renowned Canadian universities. Transdisciplinary and international in scope, Dr. Loiselle’s program of research focuses on how to best support patients with cancer and enhance their experience from screening, detection, early diagnosis and long-term survivorship in terms of web-based guidance related to physical and psychosocial adjustment to cancer as well as optimal use of health care services. In September 2019, Dr. Loiselle was elected into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences as a fellow.

Major Research Activities

Dr. Loiselle has documented the impact of e-health interventions on health related outcomes and on health care service use. In a multisite, controlled trial large study among 250 patients newly diagnosed with cancer, access to multimedia cancer information was shown to significantly increase patient satisfaction with information and quality of life among a subset of patients. In another study, an e-health cancer preventive intervention was shown to significantly motivate women at high risk for breast cancer to engage in healthier behaviors. She is currently planning to conduct a randomized controlled trial using a promising e-health intervention called the Oncology Interactive Navigator (OIN) and to study its effects on empowerment and cost-effectiveness among individuals newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Dr. Loiselle is also investigating the impact of e-health intervention implementation on health care providers’ workload and work satisfaction.

Recent Publication
Wu, Y., Levis, B., Sun, Y… Loiselle, C. G… Thombs, B. (2020). Probability of Major Depression Diagnostic Classification Based on the SCID, CIDI and MINI Diagnostic Interviews Controlling for Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale – Depression Subscale Scores: An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis. Journal of Psychosomatic Research. 129, 109892. Journal Impact Factor: 3.268.

Loiselle, C. G., Attieh, S., Cook, E., Tardif, L., Allard, M., Rousseau, C., Thomas, D., Saha-Chaudhuri, P., & Talbot, D. (2020). The nurse pivot-navigator associated with more positive cancer care experiences and higher patient satisfaction. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal. 30(1), 48-53. Journal Impact Factor will be available in 2020.

Garland, R., Ahmed, S., & Loiselle, C. G. (2019, Accepted). “Let me keep control over my health”: A qualitative study of empowerment in young adults with advanced cancer. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal. Journal Impact Factor will be available in 2019.

Loiselle, C. G. (2019). Cancer information-seeking preferences linked to distinct patient experiences and differential satisfaction with cancer care. Patient Education and Counseling, 102, 1187-1193. Journal Impact Factor: 2.785

Loiselle, C. G., Howell, D., Nicoll, I., & Fitch, M. (2019). Toward the development of a comprehensive cancer experience measurement framework. Supportive Care in Cancer, 27(7), 2579-2589. Journal Impact Factor: 2.698
Dr. Carmen Loiselle is Principal Investigator and Program Leader of a national CIHR-funded Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research (STIHR),  the Psychosocial Oncology Research Training (PORT) program.

Her research program focuses on understanding the role of patients’ motivation and contextual factors as central interacting processes in symptom monitoring, decision-making about illness management, self-regulation, self-care, and health care service utilization.

In 2009, Dr. Loiselle received the Lady Davis Institute Award for Excellence in Medical Research and a mention from the Quebec Ministry of Education for her textbook on research methods.

Her areas of interest are:

E-health interventions in cancer and survivorship care.

Patient information-seeking behaviour and decision making.

Patient - health care provider communication.

Psychosocial oncology and psychosocial adjustment to cancer.

Self-determination theory and multidimensional patient empowerment.

Health care service utilization in cancer.
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