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Dr. Johanne Monette
Dr. Johanne Monette is a geriatrician, with an MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatics. She was the principal investigator of a longitudinal cohort study entitled, “Interdisciplinary educational program to optimize the management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in nursing homes.” She is collaborating in a study on delirium in nursing home patients with severe cognitive impairment. She has conducted a randomized controlled trial entitled, “Optimization of antibiotic prescribing in older patients in long-term care.” She has also collaborated in the studies, “Impact of a cholinesterase inhibitor review committee on the use of cholinesterase inhibitors in long-term care,” and “Implementation of an educational program about comfort care in advanced dementia.”
She has conducted a study on the use of neuroleptics among the institutionalized elderly in Montreal. She participated in a study entitled, “An outbreak of scabies in a long term care facility: the role of misdiagnosis and cost associated with control,” and was involved in the study, “Enteral feeding in end-stage dementia: A comparison of religious, ethnic and national differences.”

Dr. Monette is an active member of the McGill Geriatric Oncology Interest Group, headed by Dr. Howard Bergman. She was a collaborator in a cross-sectional pilot study on the usefulness of frailty markers in the assessment of health and functional status in older cancer patients referred for chemotherapy, and to a retrospective chart review study called, “Comparison of the health and functional status between older in-patients with and without cancer admitted to a geriatric/internal medicine unit.” She collaborated in a mailed census on the clinical experiences of cancer physicians in Québec with elderly patients, and qualitative studies on the clinical experience of physicians involved in cancer treatment management of older patients, and of geriatricians who take care of older cancer patients. She collaborated on an observational prospective cohort study entitled, “A novel way of assessing health and vulnerability in older newly diagnosed cancer patients: A prospective pilot study.” She is involved in a study called “Chemotherapy treatment in elderly non-small cell lung cancer patients: A Quebec cancer centre experience,” which looks at profiles of cancer patients in nursing homes, as well as a study looking at survival of older rectal cancer patients following surgery.

Dr. Monette is co-director of Solidage, the McGill University/Université de Montréal Research Group on Frailty and Aging, which has several interests including the management of chronic diseases in the elderly, specifically with respect to cancer.

Recent Publications
Monette J, Miller MA, Monette M, Laurier C, Boivin JF, Sourial N, Le Cruguel JP, Vandal A, Cotton-Montpetit M. “Effect of an educational intervention on optimizing antibiotic prescribing in long-term care facilities.” J Am Geriatr Soc. 2007 Aug;55(8):1231-5.

Monette J, Champoux N, Monette M, Fournier L, Wolfson C, du Fort GG, Sourial N, Le Cruguel JP, Gore B. “Effect of an interdisciplinary educational program on antipsychotic prescribing among nursing home residents with dementia.” Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2008 Jun;23(6):574-9.

Puts MT, Monette J, Girre V, Pepe C, Monette M, Assouline S, Panasci L, Basik M, Miller WH Jr, Batist G, Wolfson C, Bergman H. “Are frailty markers useful for predicting treatment toxicity and mortality in older newly diagnosed cancer patients? Results from a prospective pilot study.” Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. 2011 May;78(2):138-49. Epub 2010 May 4.

Dr. Johanne Monette is a geriatrician with a particular interest in cancer care for the elderly.

She is co-director of Solidage, the McGill University/Université de Montréal Research Group on Frailty and Aging.
She is an active collaborator in studies conducted by the McGill Geriatric Oncology Interest Group.
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